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Russian daycare in Laguna Hills, Orange County. We believe young children learn best through play.

Our Curriculum

Why Chamomile Playhouse?

Purposeful play

Our play-based learning approach is both child-initiated and teacher-led, focusing on what's called “purposeful play”/”intentional teaching”.

Home environment

Our child care home allows children to interact and socialize with others of a calming and caring home environment.

Fresh homemade meals

We provide healthy home-cooked meals that are always prepared fresh on the same day. No reheated/precooked meals ever.

Individualized attention

We have a high ratio of caregivers and a very limited group size, which ensures that each child receives enough individualized attention, warmth, and love.

High quality classroom

Our classrooms are intentional spaces that have been completely converted and are dedicated to our program. Each space is designed for a particular hands-on learning activity.

Spacious private playground and nearby park

We have both a spacious backyard, where children spend plenty of outdoor time throughout the day, as well as a beautiful nearby park with community playground.

Ready, Set, Success

All our programs provide a nurturing early education experience that guarantees every child is prepared for elementary school—and prepared for a lifetime of learning.

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About Us

At Chamomile Playhouse, we believe young children learn best through play, and we provide a loving, calming, and nurturing play-based learning environment with purpose.

Children are «naturally» motivated to play, and play-based programs build on this motivation. It is through play that children learn to explore and solve problems in imaginative, fun, natural, and intuitive ways.

At Chamomile Playhouse, we believe young children learn “best” when they are mentally and physically active, engaged, and social, which are all characteristics of play-based learning. Our approach involves both child-initiated and teacher-supported learning. Play can be in the form of free play, as well as “guided play”, where the teacher is involved in the activity as a co-player in what’s called “purposeful play”.

Chamomile Playhouse recognizes the fascination associated with play in early childhood, and provides a nurturing and peaceful environment to let children’s imagination and confidence blossom!

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